Antelope Valley Group

Meetings Held the Third Saturday of Each Month

Edwards AFB Skills Development Center

2 PM to 5 PM

August 2000 Volume 5, Number 8

Our most important issue for August is the status of our AVG flyers which will help promote the November contest. We will also hold our "Same Kit Contest" with the 1/48 Rafale fighter. Other issues of significance include our AVG website, and the possibility of sending future newsletters out via e-mail to those members who have internet access. We expect to hold a raffle which may include a Minicraft 1/48 XF5F Skyrocket, an ICM 1/48 Yak-7, and a Hasegawa 1/48 F-16, to name a few possibilities. Refreshments provided by David Newman.

Attendees- Sorry, no list available

Treasurer's Report
Our account balance is currently $578.94. "This includes a debit of $4.50 to print the July newsletter, but does not yet include costs which were incurred at the July meeting. Of note however, was a recent reminder from David Newman that we still have not paid our fees to A.V. College for the use of the cafeteria for last year's contest. We have not been negligent, but simply have not been billed as yet.

Old Business
Fall Contest Flyers: We need to have the contest flyers ready for distribution by this coming meeting. They are not only needed to distribute to businesses and clubs, but are also needed to send to potential sponsors for the contest raffle sponsorships/merchandise, etc.

Fall Contest Categories:
The following changes to the November contest categories were made:
*Reduce automotive to two or three categories, from four
*Keep 1/32 scale as a titled category with specific awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd
*Add an additional figures category (this was unclear and will be verified at the next meeting)
*Add a category for smaller than 1/72 scale, i.e. 1/100, 1/144, etc.
*Add a helicopter category

Fall Contest Fees:
Entry fees will be $5.00 for the first two models and $1.00 for each model thereafter.
Our AVG Website:
Apparently our AVG website will be up and running in the not too distant future. Look for an update on this issue at the August meeting.

New Business
Sending Newsletters Via E-Mail: Several members have made the suggestion that we go toward an e-mail format for sending out newsletters each month. There are several benefits to doing this, the foremost of which is cost savings. Currently, each set of monthly newsletters we send by regular mail costs from $4.00 to $8.00 for printing and a little more than $5.00 in stamps. Over the course of the year, this my add up to $140.00 or more, which is money we can spend in other ways. Using e-mail for newsletters will also be slightly easier for the AVG Secretary/Treasurer (me). Of course, for those AVG members who do not have internet access, we will still send out a regular mailing. Let's bring everyone's e-mail address up to date at the August meeting and give this matter some discussion.

New AFFTC Museum Building: The new Edwards AFFTC museum building is now open! The interior space is reported to cover 12,000 square feet, and additional aircraft have been located outside for visitor viewing. Also, don't miss the display case with models on display built by our own AVG members.

Members' Projects- partial list

Nick Kiriokos 1/72 SR-71
Bill Norton 1/72 Dark Star

Raffle Winners

Nick Kiriokos 1/350 Tamiya Missouri Battleship
David Newman He-114
Curtis Stidham 1/72 FW-190
Mike Valdez Microscale decals

Secretary's Apologies Unfortunately due to my absence from the July meeting, and other factors beyond myself, I may have missed details which were not included in this newsletter. Also, sorry if I failed to list everyone who may have brought projects for display in July, or who may have won a raffle prize, or who may have made some other contribution last month. Thanks to David Newman who provided most of the information I was able to print.

Report on Kit Collectors' Swap Meet, Buena Park, August 13th We've all been to this event before. This latest edition wasn't much different, albeit less crowded than usual and no charge for parking. One goes looking for a deal, but finds plenty of high asking prices. Nevertheless, I picked up and old Hawk F-104 in a mint condition box for $4.00; not bad! I'll never build it, but the Hawk F-104 has sentimental value. I also picked up three vintage Revell box coverings (the printed box art before it's attached to the box) from Mike Machat for $10.00. I also picked up the latest Skylancer decal and print catalogs. Look for more decals for '50's jets in 1/48 and 1/72 scales from Skylancer in the coming months. Mike Warman and I were out of there by 10:30 and off to see the rest of the hobby shops in the area.