The Antelope Valley Group (AVG)

The Club originates from the western Mojave Desert region where most of the club members reside. This region consists of Boron, California City, Mojave, Tehachapi, North Edwards, Edwards Air Force Base, Rosamond, Lancaster, Palmdale, Ridgecrest and Apple Valley. AVG got its start in the mid 1990's by a small group of modelers who were originally meeting at various locations throughout Palmdale, Lancaster, and Edwards AFB. Eventually, the clan grew enough in size to seriously consider forming a new Chapter of IPMS Region 8. IPMS AVG is a unique melting pot where quite a few members are from aerospace, associated with the USAF, NASA, and major defense contractors.

In January of 1996, the Antelope Valley Group officially became “IPMS AVG.” The first meeting was organized by Billy Chrisler and was held at the AFFTC mesuem on Edwards AFB. Membership has grown steadily over the years despite those that have moved out of the area. We've been able to maintain a consistent membership of approximately 20 to 25 members. AVG has never been a large club by any measure, but maintains a core of quality and dedicated modelers. Although aviation subject matter is a predominate strength of the club, armor, sci-fi, auto, ships, and figures also prevail as interests. AVG has a well balanced medium in all categories of model building. Most members actively retain both AVG club and National IPMS membership, directly contributing to the success of Region 8 and IPMS.

Group photo of the Motley Crew (AVG Members) from 2011

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